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Hands Free Pumps

Are you a nursing mom looking for a more convenient and comfortable way to express breast milk? Our hands-free breast pumps is the perfect solution. It’s designed to provide mothers everywhere with the convenience they need while pumping, enabling them to multitask and remain productive throughout the day.

Our hands-free breast pumps allow you to easily clip your pump onto any comfortable bra and go about your day. No need to sacrifice comfort or security – its adjustable straps ensure it won’t slide around, providing maximum support for easier, hands-free operation of pump controls. You can conduct appointments, read books or work on your laptop as you would normally do as it helps you collect precious milk for your baby. Plus, our pump has integrated compartments so you can easily store bottles or bags of expressed milk without having mess in your nursery.

Don’t settle for anything less – put an end to complicated hand-pumping and make sure that collecting breastmilk from either side is quick and easy when using one of our hands-free breast pumps!

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