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Hospital Grade Pumps

Are you a nursing mother looking for a powerful breast pump that offers superior milk production? Our hospital-grade breast pump might be the perfect solution for you. This multi-user pump features a powerful motor and custom programming which is designed to maximize milk production, no matter your needs. The special waveform that it uses creates suction strength superior to over-the-counter pumps so you can trust that you’ll receive the maximum milk output when you choose our hospital-grade breast pump. Whether you’re a nursing mother with special medical requirements or just looking for an effective way to express milk quickly and easily, this pump is an excellent option. Use this reliable and professional device with confidence knowing that your top priority – ensuring the best possible nutrition for your baby – won't be compromised.

A special prescription is required for a hospital-grade pump and select stores have the option of renting hospital-grade breast pumps to our patients. Please consult your Physician to see if you require this type of pump.

Looking for a lactation consultant to help with your breast pump concerns?  Visit us at and schedule a virtual consultation!

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